What is Ucare Services?

UCARE SERVICE Ltd is a dynamic nursing and healthcare recruitment organisation committed to providing a range of recruitment and employment services aimed at all hospitals, nursing homes, mental health organisations and any other health and social care settings.. Through networking in the North East with Health and Social care, education and community services, UCARE SERVICE Ltd delivers a range of integrated services including, community and mental health services, aged care (adults’ 18+) services and public health and health promotion programs.

Staff we employ

Nurses, RMN, RGN, healthcare, assistants, support workers, domestic staff.

Training and documentation

All workers will undergo Training and development process as covered under that policy and the staff Handbook. Proof of such mandatory and induction training is filed in the personnel file. The company’s monitor yearly updates on branch level as well as through the Online Administration Database system (OADS), thus ensuring there is a very limited chance of missing an update.


If you are an organisation in health and social care and you feel you have something to offer to Ucare Services Ltd, please contact us.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

Ucare Services Ltd will undertake Disclosure Barring Services (DBS) formerly known as Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks for all applicants, and these will be valid for 12 calendar months from the date of issue (for nursing and caring staff) and for 3 years for other types of staff. DBS checks undertaken via another organisation are valid for nursing and caring workers.

All DBS checks will be of the enhanced type, and must include both POVA and POCA checks. Ucare Services Ltd has a very strong policy on Disclosure Barring Services checks and the company aim to balance safety against being fair and reasonable.

If we decided to possibly reject the candidate based on information contained in the DBS check, we then request a statement from the candidate detailing the circumstances of the incident(s), how they are not related to the role and what actions/behaviours the candidate has gone since the incident(s) occurred. We then balance this statement against the candidate’s work history, references and interview notes prior to deciding whether to accept or reject the candidate.

All workers are required to inform Ucare Services Ltd if any relevant incidents happen after we have received an unqualified Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) report, formerly Criminal Records (CRB) as covered under the declaration on the application form.

Ucare services is commited to equality and diversity. Our commitment to equalitymeans thatwe are fair everyone in everything we do. Our commitment to diversity means that we value people of every kind. We vakue their religion,m racial background, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Immigration status & eligibility to work

Checks will involve seeing the original of the applicant’s, passport, or the original or a copy of their birth certificate. Photocopies of these documents are to be maintained in this section of the applicants personnel file. Details on these documents are to match with those on the application form.

Applicants who are not British citizens or EC nationals and have not been granted permanent status in the UK must produce evidence of the necessary Home office immigration status and permission to take employment including the work permit number.

Ucare Services uses “Comprehensive guidance for UK employers on changes to the law on preventing illegal working” issued by the Home Office in April 2004 while reviewing the applicants documents. Copies of the original documents are filed as evidence in the applicant’s personnel file.

Contact us today

All job-seekers or employees in health and social care who are looking for extra work to boost their income, you would like to work flexible hours that fit around your lifestyle or are looking to expand your experience in a new area, click contact us,telephone 01642956368 or on 07790727632 or email your CV and recruitment team will be in touch.

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    I am interested in joining your recruitment agency, perhaps you could reply by email and I would be able to send you acv. Thanks Sandy

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