Aims and objectives

  • Enabling people to remain in their own homes. We will do all that we can to support this right.
  • Promoting independent living. You are entitled to be treated with respect, and to be consulted and involved at all stages of your care.
  • Facilitating choice. You have the right to be informed of the options available in all aspects of your life and to make
    decisions and to take risks, with as much support as necessary.
  • Respecting privacy. You have the right to personal privacy and privacy for your belongings, effects and private information.
  • Promoting rights. You have the right to use our service without fear of abuse or harm. You have the right to complain without any fear of recrimination and have our assurance that such complaints will be responded to quickly and with sensitivity.
  • Championing dignity. We will listen and support you in your needs and choices. We will respect these. We will assist you to gain and maintain confidence and a positive self-esteem.
  • Providing individual care. Your personal care and support plan is unique to you and you will lead its design and review. You can request a review of your care plan at any time. We will deliver the support plan in partnership with you.
  • Ensuring continuity of care. You have a right to continuity of care this means you will have a named care team created in consultation with you.
  • Striving to achieve continuous improvements. We will undertake regular checks on the quality of our services through questionnaires, reviews and audits. We will respond positively and effectively to any comments, criticisms and complaints that you may make about our services.
  • Acting as a good employer. Our services are provided by carefully selected and screened staff whose development needs are met through work shadowing, spot checks, supervision, team meetings and appraisals. All of our staff receive regular training based on the best practice for care.
  • Engage with family members and carers as care partners. With your permission, we will involve them in the planning, delivery and review of your service, so that we best support your lifestyle, routines and preferences.