Working for ucare services has rekindled my enjoyment with vunerable adults, particularly in the forensic mental health spectrum. Ucare has endeavoured to attain and retain staff with experiance and empathy for client group – and I mean for the clients/patients/cares and the companies alike – to ensure what we, the staff, give the best service we can. Helen and zak are easy to approach and are amenable to help staff team to meet the mneeds of the client and to aid a good home life balance for their staff team. I am really pleased to have been employed by Helen and Zak and hope to remain with them as the ucare brand and my colleagues develop.

I have been amazed with the amount of paperwork to complete during registration, am looking forward to work with Ucare to expand my knowledge and skill in healthcare and also promoting independence for those in need. Everything was well explained during the time of registration and a clear training schedule for the whole year, followed by a text/email with the details of client group i will be working with. Happy to work for Ucare Services.

..When a friend at university said to me “you live in Darlington don’t you? Do you want some part time flexible work?” Moments after, I was on the phone arranging a informal meeting with Ucare Services Ltd, recruitment agency. I’ve never known a recruitment process so smooth and friendly as it was with Ucare Services. After completing all paperwork required, I paid for my CRB (DBS). One week later I was picking up my ID badge, time sheets ready to start work. I couldn’t believe how smooth it was and how friendly and approachable the agency is. After my first shift I was texted asking how it went and if I had any questions or concerns. I will definitely be staying with this agency for the foreseeable future.

I would like to express my graditude for the work I’ve received since I started working for ucare. The work I have received is as I have requested and has been steady. The professional approach and the ability to place me where my skills and ability to place me where my skills and abilities are best suited. I would like to command the ability to resolve any queries or problems efficiently and appropriately and also follow up on staff to check if they are happy with placement. Thank you Helen and Zak for making my experiance working for ucare an enojoyanle one and I want hestitate to recommend anyone to work for ucare.

Thanks Ucare! Ucare have an excellent service that offers personal one to one help in finding a job and they know how to please!

If I didn’t find Ucare I’m pretty sure i’d be no where, they helped me find a job in less than 2 days and the job is amazing, amazing service!

Ucare offer an amazing service and I couldn’t be happier! They are dedicated to helping recruiters find great candidates, wonderful service!